Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh Yaa Muslimoon I pray that you are all doing well by Allah’s mercy allahumma aameen

SaddiquaMB/Umm Hurayrah:

THM Sadaqa Group دار مكة المجموعة الخيرية:
Bismillah* what this article praised as an archeological find has a huge missing message that as a Muslim I am pondering over it.

“They were destroyed by a mudslide”. The whole Town. Allahu Akbar!

What’s even more fantastical to me is that the discovery of this catastrophe happened during my 1st year of life (allahumma barik) back in 1970.

What actions were they upon that Allah destroyed them with a single mudslide? Allah knows best! Any historians in here who might be able to shed some feedback in shaa’Allaah

The whole Town!